Eupomatia bennettii—Small Bolwarra—EUPOMATIACEAE

Eupomatia bennettii

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Habitat—Mostly in Subtropical Rainforest, occasionally in moist eucalypt forest in gullies.

Distribution— North from the Nambucca River in New South Wales and into Queensland.

Description—Shrub with tuberous roots, frequently single–stemmed, 70 to 140 cm high.

Local occurrences

Raintrees Diamond Beach

Leaves.— Simple, entire, alternate, oil like dots minute, stems strongly zig–zag, leaves two ranked, oblanceolate to oblong, 8 to 20 cm long, 2.5 to 5 cm wide, glabrous; petiole decurrent on stem and gradually tapering into lamina, not distinct.

Eupomatia bennettii
Eupomatia bennettii

Inflorescence.—Commonly 25 mm diam., terminal on pedicel c. 5 mm long. Stamens 8 to 12 mm long; outer ones yellow, inner ones tinged dark red; staminodes dark red, outer staminodes longer, spreading and concealing the shorter stamens.


Fruit.—Berry obconical, 20–30 mm diam., green, turning yellowish.


Eupomatia bennettii