Palmeria racemosa —Anchor Vine, Pomegranate Vine—MONIMIACEAE

Palmeria racemosa

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Habitat—Widespread in rainforest on the coast and adjacent ranges.

Distribution— North from Bateman's Bay in New South Wales into Queensland.

Description—Tall woody climber, sometimes scrambling in juvenile stages, stems stellate-hairy.

Local occurrences

Zamia Place Reserve and Sea Acres National Park

Leaves.— Simple, opposite, plants lacking milky or yellowish latex or watery sap ; elliptic to oblong, 5—12 cm long, 2—5 cm wide, margins entire to finely crenate, with scattered stellate hairs, lower surface paler; petiole 5—10 mm long.

Palmeria racemosa
Palmeria racemosa Palmeria racemosa

Inflorescence.—A panicle in male plants, shorter and a raceme in female plants; flowers whitish

Flowering.—June to August

Fruit—Male receptacle 4 to 6 mm diam. Female receptacle c. 3 mm diam., enlarging and becoming ±fleshy in fruit. False fruit 15 to 20 mm diam., green, splitting at maturity and revealing drupes seated on inner pinkish face of the receptacle; drupes 3 to 7, globose to ellipsoid, c. 5 mm long, red.

Ripe.—November to December

Palmeria racemosa